Greeting Events


Hosts and hostesses represent your company’s image. Therefore we recruit them with great care.

Speech, expertise, higher level of education, linguistic skills, nice presentation are some examples of the skills / characteristics / criteria we require from our staff. , (to form dynamic and competent team at the service of your events.)

Our hosts and hostesses are selected depending on the characteristics defined by our customer; in order to make your event a true success.

a perfect mastery of such events such as

our areas

– Airport home
– Congress
– Genera meeting
– Inauguration
– Preview event
– Porting event
– Seminars
– Shows
– VIP evening

– Awards
– Cloakroom
– Congress
– Guest lists
– Handing out of presents and promotional goods
– Seminars
– Shows and fairs
– Receipt of badges
– Reception and orientation of your guests
– Registration, check-in/-out
– Teacher team
– Transfer

CLASS’ HOTESSE, is a small agency, proud of its success which have great ambitions for its customers. You are our priority, our particularity is CLASS’ HOTESSE. Let’s work together customer-agency-hostesses for a shared success.