Company Hosting

Company Hosting

Holidays, maternity or sick leave… make it difficult to manage and optimize your host company.

Therefore, our staff, loyal and motivated,  is selected according to your requirement, for a better integration with your own personal, and to offer the best image of your company.

CLASS’ HOTESSE implements all our knowledge to offer you the greatest reception.

Outsourcing your company hosting will be easier with CLASS’HOTESSE. We will take care of everything.

Our areas

Our assets

– Physical Home, Home Management, Home Chair, VIP
– Home telephone and standard
– Computer related secretarial services
– Ordering consumables
– Mail management services
– Management of diaries
– Management of reprography
– planning appointments and meetings
– Reservation management meeting rooms
– Taxi, travel booking
– Etc…

– Different profiles to better fulfill your expectations and your requirements
– Comprehensive and individualized training of our staff
– Tailor-made uniforms  on demand
– Rigorous follow-up of the provision
– If necessary, an hostess of replacement will immediately be affected
– Quality control with a monthly appointment between “us” and “you”
– discharging you of your administrative responsibilities
– High quality service  for an excellent quality-price ratio

CLASS’ HOTESSE, is a small agency, proud of its success which have great ambitions for its customers. You are our priority, our particularity is CLASS’ HOTESSE. Let’s work together customer-agency-hostesses for a shared success.